Solely, after a three year effort and without financial or moral support from other private, public or municipal groups, succeeded in saving 155-acres from becoming a 57-home subdivision.


From 1996 to early 2004, painstakingly restored the seriously dilapidated “Gold Coast era” Georgian-style mansion to its original splendor. 


Have made significant strides in restoring the Farm Estate Group Buildings and restored the entire Lord and Burnham Greenhouse.


In 1996, created 5 miles of nature trails through the overgrown site for guided nature walk use.


In 1996 formed a partnership with Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and commissioned them to perform a Wildlife Inventory and Management Plan, an Avian Survey, Mammal and Vegetation Surveys, Habitat Mapping, as well as ongoing nature programming and habitat management.


Results of their surveys revealed that Hoffman Center is home to more than 149 resident and migrating birds. Their report surveys guided us in our ongoing habitat management and influenced us to:


  • Place Bluebird boxes on the site and successfully attracted Bluebirds to their native habitat.


  • Work with U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary to transform 30-acres of invasive species into native grasslands which have successfully attracted migratory and grass nesting birds not seen recently in this area.


  • Transform a 17-foot deep sand-mined crater into a pond, now surrounded by wild flowers and a favorite resting spot for our geese, turtles, and resident great blue heron.


  • Provide a “sanctuary” for fragile native flora thought to be lost in this area, including: Smart Weed Dodder listed on New York State’s S1 (endangered species list), as well as species on the NYS “watch” list-Pink Lady Slipper Orchids, Persimmons and others.


Since 1996, the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary has conducted regularly scheduled nature programs on our site, often including live animals.


In 2005, began twice monthly Guided Nature Tours for the public.


From 2001 – 2005, funded MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship), a 5-year national migratory avian study conducted by the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary from eight bird banding stations on the Hoffman Center property.


Underwrote a Plant Survey of the site that found Hoffman Center has more than 150 native plant species. 


Secured a Butterfly Study by Dr. William Benner that revealed 49 species on the property to date.


Since 2003, partnered with the New York State Planting Fields Arboretum and the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center on our “Naturally Speaking” Lecture series. 


Created the new Visitor Center to allow year-round educational programming and a starting point for our nature walks.


Secured a grant to perform several nature programs for the underserved. 



Current Advisors


Dr. William Benner, MS Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, DVM