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         Solely, after a three year effort and without financial or moral support from other private, public or municipal groups, succeeded in saving 155-acres from becoming a 57-home subdivision.

          From 1996 to early 2004, painstakingly restored the seriously dilapidated �Gold Coast era� Georgian-style mansion to its original splendor. 

          Have made significant strides in restoring the Farm Estate Group of buildings and restoration is ongoing.


  • In 1996, created 5 miles of nature trails through the overgrown site for guided nature walk use.
  • In 1996 formed a partnership with Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and Audubon Center and commissioned them to perform a Wildlife Inventory and Management Plan, an Avian Survey, Mammal and Vegetation Surveys, Habitat Mapping.
  • Results of their surveys revealed that Hoffman Center is home to more than 149 resident and migrating birds which guided us in our ongoing habitat management and influenced us to:
  • Placed Bluebird boxes on the site and successfully attracted Bluebirds to their native habitat.

         Place Bluebird boxes on the site and successfully attracted Bluebirds
    to their native habitat.

     *     Work with U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary
     have successfully attracted migratory and grass nesting birds not
     seen recently in this area.

     *     Transform a 17-foot deep sand-mined crater into a pond, now sur-         rounded by wild flowers and a favorite resting spot for our geese, turtles, and resident great blue heron.

     *     Provide a �sanctuary� for fragile native flora thought to be lost in this area, including: Smart Weed Dodder listed on New York State�s S1  (endangered species) list, as well as species on the NYS �watch� list � Pink Lady Slipper Orchids, Persimmons and others.

    • In 2005, began twice monthly Guided Nature Tours for the public.
    • From 2001 � 2005, funded MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship), a 5-year national migratory avian study conducted by the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center from eight bird banding stations on the Hoffman Center property.
    • Underwrote a Plant Survey of the site that found Hoffman Center has more than 150 native plant species. 
    • Secured a Butterfly Study that revealed 49 species on the property to date.
    • Since 2003, partnered with the New York State Planting Fields Arboretum and the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center on our �Naturally Speaking� Lecture series. 
    • Created the new Visitor Center to allow year-round educational programming and a starting point for our nature walks.
    Secured a grant to perform several nature programs for the underserved

Dr. William Benner, MS Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, DVM
Richard Haley � Audubon
New York
Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center, Oyster Bay
David S. K�nstler, Natural Areas Consultant
Martin Wenz, Krusos Foundation, L.I., Bluebird boxes


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